My Bio Teacher Mr. Craig playing Just Dance 3 at Gaming 4 Leukemia 2013.

For everyone who knows Mr. Craig, well that is why this is perfect. For those of you who don’t, I’m sorry

Do you love to compete? how about supporting a great cause? Well now you can do both. 
Next Saturday on September 14th, there will be a non profit Pokemon Video game tournament (standard format) happening at Southeast High School New Gymnasium (1200 37th Ave E Bradenton, FL 34208) 
All proceeds are benefiting Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and there will be food, fun and fundraising. 
Not only with there be the awesome the awesome tournament but Ultimate Frisbee, Other consoles set up, Magic the gathering, board games, a raffle, silent auction and plenty more to keep you all entertained outside of the tournament. 
For all of you wanting to compete, the following prices apply
Pre sale (now until the thirteenth) 
$15 - Competition seat
$25 - Competition seat and t-shirt 
Day of 
$35 - Competition seat
$45 - Competition seat and t-shirt 

I suggest getting the pre-sale though because we have a limited amount of t-shirts on demand and if we run out, we can’t order any more (cheaply anyway) 
all the proceeds are going to LLS. This is extremely important to me considering I am a 3 year Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor. 
If you want more info please feel free to stop by the event’s official facebook page:

We have ways for you to be able to come up with the money if you dont think you can, more info and so much more so please check us out and dont forget to tell your friends!

For everyone out there who has wanted to donate but hasnt had the money, I have an alternate way you can donate! If you own any video games (for the DS, NES, 3DS, WII or any system, mainly Nintendo though) Anything Pokemon related in good condition (stuffed animals, card sets, figurines, etc) or anything that youve had for a while and never done anything with and figure you can give it to a good cause (like that Chik Fil A coupon book you got one time and have never used or that never before opened book set or maybe a nerd culture shirt youve never even touched before) I have a way for you to give it to a great cause! If you have anything like this, and would like to donate it or anything you think I might be able to use for the raffle, silent auction of whatever else for my event on the 14th, please contact me through IM or through my phone number below! If you would like to donate money, you may donate it directly to me to go toward the event (which is actually extremely helpful right now) or to my online Gaming 4 Leukemia Light the Night walk team through the link below! And for those of you who donate, I will definitely be looking for something special for you all for the day of the event. I havent solidified anything yet, but I will definitely think of something! AND FOR ALL YOU SOUTHEAST STUDENTS WITH CRAIG (and possibly Verhoeve, Im still working on it) If you attend the event on September 14th and present the ticket (for either the tournament or just to support) to one Craig (or Verhoeve if i can get him to confirm) then you will get extra credit. I don’t know how much, but still!

Number: 941-565-7136